Class A Rankings: June 21 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

For the fourth consecutive Class A poll, the top team is a unanimous No. 1 — but for the first time, it’s not the Minnetonka Millers. Rather St. Louis Park earned the top slot from each of our rankers for various reasons, including winning a head-to-head matchup with the Millers, 5-2, on June 16. 

JON-ERIC URSETH – Park National League

  1. St. Louis Park – (22-4-1) 10-game winning streak, beat Tonka in league play. Won Dundas Tourney.
  2. Minnetonka – (18-3) Loss to SLP and Dundas. Still averaging 10-plus runs per game.
  3. Lyon’s Pub – (17-3) Atop the Park National. Lost twice in Victoria Tourney but then trounced Victoria.
  4. Continental Diamond Cutters – (11-1-1) Undefeated until Monday.
  5. Minneapolis Cobras – (13-6) Playing strong lately but then a dud vs Metro Merchants.
  6. St. Paul Capitals- (12-6) 5-0 in league play. Beat Air Freight in close contest.
  7. Red Rooster – (4-2) The next four teams haven’t played much. So I somewhat lump them into a group of teams to watch out for.
  8. St. Paul Shamrocks – (4-1) Solid start. Season picks up shortly.
  9. Air Freight – (2-2) Loss to Caps and Rosetown. Upside play.
  10. Tri-City Shark – (5-4) Beat Diamond Cutters.

PHIL McDERMOTT – St. Paul League

1.-St. Louis Park (22-4-1)- rolling right now with nine straight wins and many quality opponents
2- Minnetonka (18-3)- knocked from the top spot after league loss to Park
3- Lyons Pub (15?-3, 8-0)- 1-2 at Victoria tourney but more importantly 8-0 in PN league
4- Continental Diamond (11-0-1, 5-0)- still undefeated and high-end pitching
5- Minneapolis Cobras (13-5, 7-2)- won 9 of last 10 and scoring a lot of runs
6- St. Paul Capitals (12-6, 5-0)- some tough non-league losses, 5-0 strong start in SP league
7- Air Freight (4-2)- many quality college arms and a very similar roster to 2015
8- St Paul Shamrocks (5-2?)- quality pitching and defense makes them tough every year
9- Red Rooster (4-2 league)- still too early to confidently rank Skyline teams
10- Kelley Fuels Diesel (4-2 league)- solid lineup, not sure about pitching quantity

Bubble: Tri-City, Stockmen’s, Bloomington, Angels, Highland

JEFF OSTROM – Skyline League

1. St. Louis Park (22-4-1) – have won 10 straight, super tough schedule and have already played 27 games. Only Class A team to beat Tonka.

2. Minnetonka (18-3) – Dropped league game to Park, and other losses to really good teams. 

3. Lyon’s Pub (17-3) – Impressive start to the season and bounced back from tough losses in Victoria tourney to hammer the Vics 

4. Diamond Cutters (11-1-1) – very strong start, good lineup and pitching

5. Minneapolis Cobras (13-5) – Hit, hit, hit

6. St. Paul Capitals (12-6) – Unbeaten in league play

7. Stockmen’s Irish (Unsure) – Not a ton of games, but excellent pitching staff

8. Tri-City Shark (5-4) – Good pitching, deep lineup. Beat previously undefeated Diamond Cutters 6/20. 

9. Shamrocks (??) – Strong start to league play

10. Minneapolis Lakers (6-4) – 3rd in Park National, swept Angels. 

MATT PAULSEN – Riverview League

Matt’s Minnesota Amateur Baseball Blog

1.) Saint Louis Park Pirates (22-4-1) – Convincing wins over No. 2 Class B team Dundas, Minnetonka, and Chanhassen move Park to the top spot.

2.) Minnetonka Millers (18-3) – Losses to Dundas and Park drop Tonka to No. 2.

3.) Lyons Pub Warriors (17-3) – Got a little roughed up in Victoria tourney, record is still really good.

4.) Continental Diamond Cutters (11-1-1) – Suffered first loss to the Tri-City Shark. Very solid team.

5.) Saint Paul Capitals (12-6) – Dropped a little but still a dangerous team.

6.) Minneapolis Cobras (13-6) – A lineup that can bring damage. Lost a league game to the Metro Merchants

7.) St. Paul Shamrocks (5-2?) – That might be their record, still haven’t played many games but seem to be winning.

8.) Minneapolis Lakers (6-4) – Always a good team at the end.

9.) Tri-City Shark (?) – Handed the Diamond Cutters their first loss so why not. Can’t find their record, maybe they are 20-0.

10) Bloomington Bandits (7-6) – Are the Bandits coming back from the dead?

CLASS A RANKINGS (as of June 21):

1. St. Louis Park (40 points)

2. Minnetonka Millers (36)

3. Lyon’s Pub (32)

4. Continental Diamond Cutters (28)

5. Minneapolis Cobras (23)

6. St. Paul Capitals (21)

7. St. Paul Shamrocks (12)

8. North St. Paul Red Roosters (6), Air Freight Unlimited (6), Tri-City Shark (6)

Others receiving votes: Minneapolis Lakers (4), Stockmen’s Irish (4), St. Paul Kelley Fuels Diesel (1), Bloomington Bandits (1).

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