Class A rankings: June 12

Posted on June 12, 2015 by CJ Siewert

Class A baseball often times gets lost in the mix of media attention devoted to this website – certainly not intentional, but simply because there are only four leagues in Class A and 36 teams out of the nearly 300 that comprise the MBA.

Well, now we’re going to get a lot more insight into “City Ball” thanks to seven dedicated Class A minds. The inaugural Class A ranking committee includes Matt Paulsen and Chris Duda of St. Louis Park (Riverview League), Jon-Eric Urseth of the Minneapolis Cobras and Rob Schildgen of Lyon’s Pub (Park National League), Phil McDermott of the St. Paul Captials (St. Paul League), and Ryan Meehan of the Metro Knights and Jeff Ostrom of St. Anthony (Skyline League).

Voting is exactly the same as in the Class B and C rankings with 10 points to the No. 1-ranked team, down to 1 point for the No. 10 team. All the points are then added up for the overall rankings.

Here are the first Class A rankings, taking games played prior to June 11 into consideration:

Riverview League – Matt Paulsen and Chris Duda (St. Louis Park)

  1. MINNETONKA MILLERS (15-0)- honestly I thought I might have ranked these guys too high last time at # 2.  then I heard Melek wasn’t pitching (that’s rumor so I could be wrong) and I thought Tonka might slip even further.  But how do you argue with a 15-0 start?  Looks like Tonka is the team to beat again.
  2. MINNEAPOLIS LAKERS (7-0) – The Lakers lost some key players but still seem to be handling everybody.  Haven’t played a lot of games yet but they have beat some pretty good teams.
  3. ST. PAUL CAPITALS (9-3) – The Caps have 3 losses so I moved them to 3rd in the rankings.  That is a coincidence.
  4. MINNEAPOLIS COBRAS (13-5) – These guys mash.  They play a lot of games so it isn’t always easy to get enough pitchers to the yard.
  5. LYONS PUB (11-4) – I am going to rank these guys 5 all year for those who need stability.
  6. ST. PAUL SHAMROCKS (4-2) – Not may games yet but the 2013 champs have wins over Park and the Caps.
  7. SAINT LOUIS PARK PIRATES (15-8) – Team can still hit.  Hung 14 hits on Mathison in win over Dundas.
  8. DIAMOND CUTTERS (4-1) – Not many games but has been best in Skyline for 2 years.
  9. ST. ANTHONY HOGS (5-6) – Below .500 but 5 of their 6 losses are to teams on this list.
  10. MINNEAPOLIS ANGELS (8-8) – These guys are always good.

See more rankings and MBA commentary at Matt Paulsen’s baseball blog

Park National League – Jon-Eric Urseth (Minneapolis Cobras) and Rob Schildgen (Lyon’s Pub)

  1. St. Paul Capitals (9-3) – Defending Champions
  2. Minnetonka Millers – 15-0 this year and an annual powerhouse
  3. Minneapolis Lakers – (7-0) A well balanced Park National team coming off a deep run in last years state tournament.
  4. Minneapolis Cobras – (13-5) 20 HR in 18 games.  The best lineup in the Park National.
  5. St. Louis Park – (14-8) Always there in the mix.  Veteran heavy and they can hit.
  6. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – (11-4) Another veteran team.  Great offense and trustworthy arms.
  7. St. Anthony Hogs (5-6) – Tough squad with a solid history.
  8. Diamond Cutters (4-1) – been top dog in Skyline for years, but can they crack the code and get some State Tourney wins
  9. Tri City Shark (4-1) – Young as usual, couple of good pitchers
  10. Shamrocks (4-2) – 2013 Champ and no slouch, always in the mix.

St. Paul League – Phil McDermott (St. Paul Capitals)

  1. Minnetonka Millers – undefeated in 2015
  2. St. Paul Capitals – defending champs, very little roster change
  3.  Minneapolis Lakers – probably the deepest and best pitching staff in the state
  4. Minneapolis Cobras – powerful offense and look to have added a couple arms
  5.  Lyons Pub – same solid team every year
  6. St. Louis Park – offense can carry them over all but the top teams
  7. Tri City Shark – great pitching staff, a couple nice hitters but less offense than the top teams
  8. Diamond Cutters – another nice pitching staff and a young speedy lineup
  9. St. Paul Shamrocks – solid team with good defense and pitching
  10. Minneapolis Angels – same Angels team and pitching staff and the Park National looks to be the best league at the moment

Honorable Mention- Rosetown, Air Freight, Bloomington, St. Anthony, Sport & Spine

Skyline League – Ryan Meehan (Metro Knights) and Jeff Ostrom (St. Anthony Hogs)

  1. Minnetonka Millers – Won Dundas tourney, hot start, 15-0
  2. Minneapolis Lakers – Fast start in Park National
  3. St. Paul Capitals – Defending Champs, good early wins
  4. Minneapolis Cobras – Crushing baseballs again this year
  5. St. Louis Park – Already 22 games in. No one plays a more grinding schedule, excellent results 14-8 overall.
  6. Lyon’s Pub – tough schedule, good results, 9-4 overall
  7. Diamond Cutters – Not many games, but 3-0 start in Skyline
  8. Minneapolis Angels – Tough schedule, good team
  9. Bloomington Bandits – Finished 2nd in Elko/New Market Tourney, 5-4 overall
  10. St. Paul Shamrocks – Beat the champs

Overall Class A rankings: June 12

  1. Minnetonka Millers 39
  2. St. Paul Capitals 35
  3. Minneapolis Lakers 34
  4. Minneapolis Cobras 28
  5. Lyon’s Pub 22
  6. St. Louis Park 21
  7. Diamond Cutters 12
  8. St. Paul Shamrocks 9
  9. (tie) St. Anthony Hogs and Tri City Shark 6

Others receiving votes: Minneapolis Angels 5 and Bloomington Bandits 2

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