Class A Rankings: July 8 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

This is the fifth-straight Class A poll with a unanimous No. 1 team — and this time, each of our four voters listed the same teams in the same order for the top four spots. While it wouldn’t be fair to call Class A a four-team race for the title, and argument could be made that there’s a decent fall-off — at least according to our pollsters — after the top seven: 

JON-ERIC URSETH – Park National League

  1. St. Louis Park (29-5-1) – Still rolling and picking up quality wins. Clashing with Tonka again soon.
  2. Minnetonka Millers (26-4) – 20-0 at home. Will be fun to see the end of the Riverview schedule.
  3. St. Paul Capitals (18-8) – Won Spamtown and playing very well in league.
  4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (19-6) – The PNash is getting very tight at the top. Pub knows how to play in July.
  5. Minneapolis Angels (15-17) – League record is where it should be at 11-4 with some important tiebreaks.
  6. Minneapolis Cobras (16-9) – Big win over Pub. Lots of games coming up.
  7. Baseball 365 (17-7) – Four PNash teams in a row? That’s how tight it is. These guys have been playing everyone tough and deserve it.
  8. Continental Diamond Cutters (14-4-1) – Skyline favorites. Pitching very well.
  9. Air Freight (6-2) – Beating quality St. Paul teams. Looking to make another run.
  10. St. Paul Shamrocks (7-3) – Pitching well lately.

Just out: Bloomington, KF Diesel, Stockmen’s, Lakers, TC Shark, Rooster

PHIL McDERMOTT – St. Paul League

1- St. Louis Park (29-5-1, 6-2)- keep the top spot, beat Capitals and Tonka
2- Minnetonka (25-4, 6-1)- still the favorite to win the Riverview League 
3- St. Paul Capitals (18-8, 6-0)- won SpamTown, last team unbeaten in league, lost to Park
4- Lyon’s Pub (15-5?, 10-2)- can’t find their full schedule/results, Park National likely #1 seed
5- Continental Diamond (12-3-1, 6-2)- a couple league losses but still the favorite in the Skyline
6- Air Freight (6-2, 6-2)- beat Shamrocks and Diesel, allowing very few runs again in 2016
7- St Paul Shamrocks (7-3, 6-3)- allowed just 20 runs in 10 games
8- Baseball 365 (16-6, 9-3)- second time I have ranked them and they are making noise in the PN
9- Minneapolis Angels (12-15, 9-4)- overall record is lacking but they will be a dangerous postseason team
10- Tri-City Shark (?-?, 5-3)- not sure of the overall record, but another dangerous postseason team

Bubble: Cobras, Lakers, Red Rooster, Bloomington, KF Diesel

RYAN MEEHAN – Skyline League

  1. St. Louis Park (29-5-1).  Since the last poll, they’ve scored resounding wins over the Angels, Capitals, Highland Park, and Stockmen’s. Only blemish was a one-run loss to an ascendant Bloomington team.
  2. Minnetonka Millers (26-4).  Undefeated record at home (20-0). Looking forward to the rematch with Park at Veterans on the 14th.
  3. St. Paul Capitals (18-8).  Won Spam Town. Overall record isn’t as dominant as Park or Tonka, but make no mistake, this team is just as dangerous.
  4. Lyon’s Pub (19-6).  Dropped some tough games lately in league play. When you’re at the top, everyone’s taking their best shot at you.
  5. Continental Diamond Cutters (14-4-1).  Played Minnetonka tough this week. Pitching has been very good, offense has been inconsistent.
  6. Minneapolis Cobras (17-5).  Defeated Lyon’s Pub 3-2 this week to close within one game of the top spot in the Park National. With a favorable league schedule ahead, these guys could run the table in July.
  7. Baseball 365 (17-6).  Quietly putting together a nice season and in contention for the Park National crown. Recent wins over Pub, Lakers, and Diamond Cutters, holding those teams to a combined one run in three games.
  8. Bloomington Bandits (14-7).  Yes, they are back. They have that uncanny ability to thrive in just about any circumstances they find themselves in. Probably a big reason they are 6-1 in one-run games.
  9. Kelley Fuels Diesel (8-3, league play).  Low footprint on social media, they prefer to do their talking between the lines. Half a game back in the St. Paul League.
  10. Stockmen’s Irish (9-5).  Lineup depth isn’t what it’s been in recent years, but they are built for a three-game playoff series with a formidable top of the rotation and strong middle of the order.

MATT PAULSEN – Riverview League

Matt’s Minnesota Amateur Baseball Blog

1.)  SAINT LOUIS PARK PIRATES (30-5-1) – Caps beat Tonka, Park beat Caps; ergo, Park is number one. Actually I just wanted to say ergo. But seriously, 30 wins is a lot. Lost some key players to pros and injury, let’s see what happens …

2.)  MINNETONKA MILLERS (26-4) – Still rolling along and beating up almost everybody.

3.)  SAINT PAUL CAPITALS (18-9) –  I am only ranking them above Lyon’s Pub because I haven’t seen Pub yet and I have seen the Caps. Good god, can they hit. They have some pitching, too. How have they lost nine games?

4.)  LYON’S PUB ’16 (19-6) – What’s with the number on their name this year? Did the bar change their name or just the baseball team? Either way, it seems to be working for them. Lost some games recently but still have a great record.

5.)  CONTINENTAL DIAMOND CUTTERS (14-4-1) – The perfect record is gone but still playing good baseball. Tough one-run loss to the Tonka war machine.

6.)  MINNEAPOLIS COBRAS (16-9) – Germar and his group of baseball-mashing misfits. God I love these guys.

7.)  BASEBALL 365 (17-7) – Not only do they own a baseball store, they even play! And well it seems.

8.)  BLOOMINGTON BANDITS (14-7) – Playing some good baseball, one-run win over Park and record keeps improving.

9.)  STOCKMEN’S IRISH (9-5) – Very solid pitching. Three of those losses are to Park.

10.)  SAINT PAUL SHAMROCKS (7-3) – Hard to rank this last spot. Teams either are not posting or are not playing that many games. The Shamrocks get my 10th nod.

CLASS A RANKINGS (as of July 7):

1. St. Louis Park (40 points)

2. Minnetonka Millers (36)

3. St. Paul Capitals (32)

4. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (28)

5. Continental Diamond Cutters (21)

6. Baseball 365, Minneapolis Cobras (15)

8. Minneapolis Angels (8)

9. Air Freight Unlimited (7)

10. St. Paul Shamrocks, Bloomington Bandits (6)

Others receiving votes: Stockmen’s Irish (3), St. Paul Kelley Fuels Diesel (2), Tri-City Shark (1). 

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