Class A rankings: July 7

Posted on July 7, 2015 by CJ Siewert

* games played prior to July 3 taken into consideration

Riverview League – Matt Paulsen and Chris Duda (St. Louis Park)

1) Minnetonka Millers (28-1) – Despite suffering their first loss, these guys are still pretty much beating everybody.  Won the Spam Town Challenge with wins over Forest Lake, the Capitals, and Austin.

2) Minneapolis Lakers (14-3) – Also suffered first loss.  Then second, then third.  Nobody really did anything to knock them out of number two spot.

3) St. Paul Capitals (17-6) – Tough loss to Tonka by a run in last AB at Spam Town.  By the way, do they still make Spam even.  Does anyone in the U.S. eat it or do they ship it all out to the countries who grow our hamburger.

4) Minneapolis Cobras (21-9) – Still have a pretty impressive record considering how many games they play.  Plus they have Germar.

5) Lyons Pub (15-11) – Yep, number five.

6) Tri City Shark (10-3) – Don’t know much about the Shark but their website says they are 10-3 and that is pretty good man.

7) Saint Louis Park Pirates (20-12) – These guys have played 32 games already. Sheesh.

8) Diamond Cutters (8-4) – Good record but not many games.

9) Northwest Orioles (9-5) – Second year team full of young guys run by town ball legend Joe Lavin.  Nice record and just beat Tonka 1-0 in a league game.  These guys are legit.

10) St Anthony Hogs (11-10) – Giving the ten spot to the Hogs because they beat Lyons Pub in the Town Ball Classic but it could just as easily go to the Angels

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Park National League – Jon-Eric Urseth (Minneapolis Cobras) and Rob Schildgen (Lyon’s Pub)

  1. Minnetonka Millers (28-1) – A single loss on the season, very impressive.  Won Spamtown.
  2. Minneapolis Lakers (14-3) – Lost a few lately but still on top in the Park National.  Deep roster.
  3. St. Paul Capitals (17-6) – Tough pool play matchup with Tonka at Spamtown.  Lost on a walkoff.
  4. Minneapolis Cobras (21-9) – Made it to championship Sunday at Spamtown.  2nd Place in PNL. All league losses by 1 run.
  5. Lyons Pub Warriors (15-11) – Tight loss to St. Anthony at Target Field, then beats Lakers.  Solid squad.
  6. St. Louis Park (20-12) – Playing enough games?  Could put up 10 any night.
  7. Continental Diamond Cutters (8-4) – Leading Skyline with a few impressive wins.
  8. Tri City Shark (10-3) – Good Skyline record and played well at Spamtown.
  9. Minneapolis Angels (15-13) – Lost all 3 games of Stockmen’s Tourney then beat Chaska and Cobras.  Will the real Angels please stand up?  These guys can be scary good.
  10. Northwest Orioles (9-5) – The only team to beat Tonka deserves some ink.

St. Paul League – Phil McDermott (St. Paul Capitals)

1-      Minnetonka Millers – beat Capitals 6-5 in SpamTown and won the tournament

2-      St. Paul Capitals – offense is down a bit from last year but pitching staff has been solid

3-      Minneapolis Lakers – only 3 losses, no questions about the pitching but lost some key offensive pieces

4-      Minneapolis Cobras – look like a dangerous team

5-      St. Paul Shamrocks – solid team with good defense and pitching, beat Capitals 3-2

6-      Diamond Cutters – 1st place in Skyline league

7-      St. Louis Park – play a ton of regular season games and lose some but the lineup is still scary

8-      St. Anthony – some nice wins and a solid pitching staff

9-      Tri City Shark – 2-1 in SpamTown and 2nd in Skyline

10-     Air Freight – lost 1-0 to Capitals in 12 innings, have several high end arms from St. Thomas

Honorable Mention- Lyons Pub, Bloomington, Mpls Angels

Skyline League – Ryan Meehan (Metro Knights) and Jeff Ostrom (St. Anthony Hogs)

1. Minnetonka Millers – Won Spam Town Classic: 27-1

2. Minneapolis Lakers – Continue to roll, lead Park National: 14-3

3. Minneapolis Cobras – Strong offense and top of line schedule: 21-8

4. St. Paul Capitals – Still playing strong, tough loss to Tonka in Spam Town: 16-6

5. St. Louis Park – Already scored more than 200 runs on the season: 18-6

6. Continental Diamond Cutters – Leading Skyline beat Hogs and Shark: 8-4

7. Lyon’s Pub – Big wins, solid all the way around: 16-11

8. St. Paul Shamrocks – Good wins over Cutters and Caps: 7-3

9. Northwest Orioles – Veteran leadership and young talent.  Take notice.

10. Tri-City Shark – 6-2 in Skyline and good showing in Spam Town Tourney

Overall Class A rankings: July 7

1. Minnetonka Millers 40

2. Minneapolis Lakers 35

3. St. Paul Capitals 32

4. Minneapolis Cobras 29

5. St. Louis Park 19

6. Continental Diamond 17

7. Lyon’s Pub 16

8. Tri-City Shark 11

9. St. Paul Shamrocks 9

10. Northwest Orioles 5

Others receiving votes: St. Anthony 4, Minneapolis Angels 2 and Air Freight 1

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