Class A rankings: July 22

Posted on July 22, 2015 by CJ Siewert

Riverview League – Matt Paulsen (St. Louis Park)

1)  MINNETONKA MILLERS (38-2) – I keep looking at that record and thinking really?  Tonka doesn’t play pushover teams.  They are just rolling over everyone.  Wow.

2)  ST. PAUL CAPITALS (22-8) – Tough call between Caps and Lakers.  Giving the nod to the Caps because they mash.

3) MINNEAPOLIS LAKERS (19-5) – Second half of the season not going so swimmingly as the first but they are still a front runner.

4)  MINNEAPOLIS COBRAS (29-12) – Tough showing at the Cold Spring Tourney almost caused me to drop them.  Then I figured they either stayed in Cold Spring and played the whole tourney hung over, or they had to drive up there everyday…and were probably still hung over.

5)  LYONS PUB WARRIORS (20-13) – Almost moved them.

6)  ST. LOUIS PARK PIRATES (29-14) – Tied with Cobras for second most wins in A ball.

7)  DIAMOND CUTTERS (13-6) – Leading Skyline I think.

8)  MINNEAPOLIS ANGELS (21-15) – This veteran team can still hit a little.  They are very capable of winning it all.

9)  ST. ANTHONY HOGS (15-13) – Solid pitching, defense, and hitting.  All around good club.

10)  NORTHWEST ORIOLES (10-7-1) – Win over Park gave them second place in the Riverview.

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Park National League – Jon-Eric Urseth (Minneapolis Cobras) and Rob Schildgen (Lyon’s Pub)

1. Minnetonka Millers (38-2) – Very impressive record and a Riverview title

2. Minneapolis Cobras (29-12) – Just wrapped up Park National Title.

3. Shamrocks – Looking like the squad that won it all 2 years ago.  Big wins recently.

4. Minneapolis Lakers (19-5) – Couple of losses recently but still have the talent for a deep run.

5. St. Paul Capitals (22-8) – Can really mash, battling for top seed in St. Paul.

6. Diamond Cutters (13-6) – Havent seen them, but leading Skyline.  Play some more games!

7. St. Louis Park (29-14) – This is the time of year Lindy comes out of hibernation to hit bombs with a broom handle.

8. Minneapolis Angels (21-15) – Great 2nd half run including 8 straight league games.

9. Lyon’s Pub (20-13) – 4th seed in the PNL but just as dangerous as any. 

10. NW Orioles (10-7-1) – Riverview 2nd seed. 

Just Missed: Rooster, St. Anthony, Air Freight

St. Paul League – Phil McDermott (St. Paul Capitals)

1. Minnetonka – keep winning games and tournaments

2. Cobras – probable #1 seed in the tough Park National

3. Capitals – battling for the top seed in St. Paul

4. Lakers – lost to Cobras 8-0 but as likely as anyone to make 2nd weekend of state

5. Shamrocks – beat Park and Capitals, improved lineup makes them very dangerous

6. Diamond Cutters – probable #1 seed in Skyline but non league schedule is hard to quantify

7. Park – added some solid pitching and the lineup is still scary    

8. Lyon’s Pub – looks like they will be #4 in Park National and play a first round series

9. Air Freight – some nice wins and bad losses, high end pitching from St. Thomas

T10. Angels – deep pitching staff and an ace in Morsching

T10. Roosters – haven’t seen them this year but scoring a ton of runs and pushing for #2 in Skyline

Just missed: NW Orioles, St. Anthony, Rosetown

Skyline League – Ryan Meehan (Metro Knights) and Jeff Ostrom (St. Anthony Hogs)

1. Minnetonka Millers

2. Minneapolis Cobras

3. St. Paul Shamrocks

4. Minneapolis Lakers.  13-3 in the Park National.  They play a tough schedule; they’re bound to lose a few non-league games.

5. St. Paul Capitals

6. St. Louis Park

7. North St. Paul Red Rooster.  They’re firing on all cylinders right now and are a dangerous offensive team.  And when you only play twice a week, you can ride a 3-man pitching staff to a league championship.

8. Lyon’s Pub

9. Minneapolis Angels

10. Continental Diamond Cutters.  They’ve got some nice pieces and good team chemistry, but they are not as fearsome or as deep as they’ve been the past few years.  Will take advantage of every mistake their opponent makes, but their offense may stall when facing top tier pitching.

Overall Class A rankings: July 22

1. Minnetonka Millers 40

2. Minneapolis Cobras 34

3. St. Paul Capitals 29

3. Minneapolis Lakers 29

5. St. Paul Shamrocks 22

6. St. Louis Park 18

7. Continental Diamond Cutters 15

8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors 14

9. Minneapolis Angels 8.5

10. North St. Paul Roosters 4.5

Others receiving votes: St. Anthony Hogs 2, Northwest Orioles 2 and Air Freight 2

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