Class A Rankings: July 20 Edition

–by Brett Kruschke

We’ve gone from a Big 4 to a Big 3 in the race for supremacy among Class A ballclubs, at least in the sense that all four pollsters voted Minnetonka (10), St. Louis Park (9) and St. Paul Capitals (8). After that, there’s a bit of a fault line before the next group of four. 

For the sixth straight poll we have a unanimous No. 1, but this time it’s Minnetonka bumping St. Louis Park from the top slot. This is Tonka’s fourth time as the top team, while Park held the previous two: 

JON-ERIC URSETH – Park National League

  1. Minnetonka Millers (34-4) – Rolling right along; won the Riverview again.
  2. St. Louis Park (34-7-1) – Lost to Tonka but still playing well. Smashing baseballs.
  3. St. Paul Capitals (24-9) – 11-0 in league play. Pitching well and won six in a row.
  4. Minneapolis Angels (19-18) – Clinched Park National Crown … know when to turn it on.
  5. Continental Diamond Cutters (17-7-1) Leading Skyline League.
  6. Minneapolis Cobras (19-11) – 2nd in PNL. 120 Runs in league play.
  7. Baseball 365 (22-7) Tossed 2nd No-No of year against Pub.  
  8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (22-9) On a bad run lately but watch out come playoffs.
  9. Kelley Fuels Diesel – 2nd place in a very tight St. Paul League.
  10. North St. Paul Red Roosters – Skyline is tight and teams are trading blows. Can they hold?

Just out: Shark, Stockmen’s, Shamrocks, Air Freight, Bloomington

PHIL McDERMOTT – St. Paul League

1- Minnetonka Millers (34-4, 11-1)- clinched the Riverview League and won 11 straight
2- St. Louis Park (34-7-1, 8-3)- locked in as Riverview #2 while playing and winning tons of games
3- St. Paul Capitals (25-9, 12-0)- likely St Paul #1, undefeated in league play and not allowing many runs
4- Continental Diamond Cutters (17-7-1, 9-3)- probable Skyline #1, around .500 after hot start
5- Minneapolis Angels (19-18, 14-4)- Park National #1 and the pitching staff makes them very dangerous
6- Baseball 365 (22-7, 12-4)- late season surge moves them up and Cousins makes them a favorite to make their first state tournament
7- Minneapolis Cobras (19-11, 12-4)- dropped them in the last rankings but some good league wins and a top three finish in PN has them back
8- Lyon’s Pub Warriors (20-10?, 11-5)- Park National is tough and Pub went from near lock for #1 seed to playing a first-round playoff series
9- Kelley Fuels Diesel (9-4)- looking like the St. Paul #2 in a crowded field of solid teams
10- Tri-City Shark (7-4)- giving them the tiebreaker in the crowded Skyline

Bubble: Lakers, Red Rooster, Stockmen’s, Bloomington, Shamrocks, Air Freight

RYAN MEEHAN – Skyline League

  1. Minnetonka Millers (34-4).  Won the rematch with Park, 10-3. Winners of 11 straight.
  2. St. Louis Park (34-7-1).  Something tells me the Tonka-Park debate won’t be settled until the final weekend of the Class A state tournament.
  3. St. Paul Capitals (25-9).  Undefeated in the St. Paul League. Strong 7-1 start in July, outscoring their opponents 55-6 over that stretch.
  4. Minneapolis Cobras (21-7).  Part of the log-jam at the top of the P-Nash. Took one on the chin against Cold Spring at the Nic Bell Classic this weekend, then hopped right back up off the mat and 10-runned another Class B powerhouse, Beaudreau’s Saints.
  5. Baseball 365 (22-7).  One-run loss to the Angels is the only blemish on a 14-1 record since June 17.
  6. Lyon’s Pub (21-9).  Struggles continue, having dropped six of their last eight. Still in the hunt though.
  7. Continental Diamond Cutters (17-7-1).  Along with the Cobras and Knights, represented Class A well in Cold Spring this past weekend, but dropped close ones late to Cold Spring and Beaudreau’s. Still control their own fate in the hunt for another Skyline crown.
  8. Kelley Fuels Diesel (9-4).  Second place in the St. Paul League. Given how few games they’ve played, you have to wonder if depth is going to be an issue come playoff time.
  9. Bloomington Bandits (16-9-1).  Losses to the Millers and Park on back-to-back nights makes for a brutal reality check. Who’s doing your scheduling?
  10. North St. Paul Red Roosters (8-4).  Beat the Diamond Cutters twice in league play. One game back in the Skyline standings.

MATT PAULSEN – Riverview League (Matt’s Minnesota Amateur Baseball Blog)

1.)  MINNETONKA MILLERS (34-4) – Luckily for the rest of Class A, the state tourney is not held at Tonka anymore; these guys are impossible to beat at home. Actually they are just pretty good anywhere. Took the rematch with Park and the Riverview title.

2.)  SAINT LOUIS PARK PIRATES (34-7-1) – Lost to Tonka and then Chaska the next night, but got back on track by beating Elko at home against their stud.

3.)  SAINT PAUL CAPITALS (25-9) – Starting to really roll. Look out if the Caps are hot at the end.

4.)  BASEBALL 365 (22-7) – Surprise team of the year. I haven’t seen them yet but they just keep winning.

5.)  CONTINENTAL DIAMOND CUTTERS (17-7-1) – Slowed down after their hot start. Still after the Skyline title.

6.)  MINNEAPOLIS COBRAS (19-11) – The Cobras have been playing some good ball against some good teams. When you play often against the best you will lose sometimes. Like always, this team is dangerous.

7.)  LYON’S PUB WARRIORS (21-9) – Don’t know what’s up but the Pub has dropped six of their last eight games.

8.)  MINNEAPOLIS ANGELS (19-18) – Weird to not rank the P-Nash champion higher but they are hit-or-miss. When Schuld is on the mound they are almost unbeatable.

9.)  TRI-CITY SHARK (?) – I know they have some wins but I have seen this team and they look pretty good at the plate and on defense. Do they have a good staff? Beats me.

10.)  BLOOMINGTON BANDITS (16-9-1) – Lots of ties floating around this year. I blame it on the people who live next to the fields and cry so hard to the park boards that they automatically shut off the lights at 10:30. Like when you bought a house next to a baseball field it was such a big surprise that the lights might go on at night. Anyway, Bloomington is pretty good.

CLASS A RANKINGS (as of July 19):

1. Minnetonka Millers (40 points)

2. St. Louis Park (36)

3. St. Paul Capitals (32)

4. Continental Diamond Cutters (23)

5. Baseball 365 (22)

6. Minneapolis Cobras (21)

7. Minneapolis Angels (16)

8. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (15)

9. St. Paul Kelley Fuels Diesel (7)

10. Tri-City Shark, Bloomington Bandits (3)

Other receiving votes: North St. Paul Red Roosters (2)

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