Class A rankings: Here come the Warriors

By Nick Gerhardt

This week’s rankings saw a bit of a shakeup as three previously unranked teams cracked the top 10 while the Lyon’s Pub Warriors and St. Louis Park Pirates made big jumps from the initial rankings. 

Check out what our pollsters thought in the second round of rankings.  

Jordan Wiggins — St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minnetonka Millers 

2. Minneapolis Cobras 

3. Lyon’s Pub 

4. St. Paul Capitals 

5. St. Louis Park Pirates

6. Metro Knights 

7. Stockmen’s Irish 

8. Air Freight Unlimited 

9. St. Anthony Hogs 

10. Minneapolis MudCats 

Paul Melchior — Minneapolis MudCats/Park National League 

1. Minnetonka — What’s not been said?

2. Minneapolis Cobras — Enck twins are home, so look for more snake lineup stability.

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Nine tough outs, no matter the lineup for Pub.

4. Stockmen’s Irish — Some early losses, but starting to heat up.

5. St. Anthony Hogs — Bernardy is in Santa Fe, but the Hogs have solid pitching and D.

6. Metro Knights — Early W’s vs. Stockmen’s, Baseball 365, MudCats and Caps says something.

7. St. Paul Capitals — May losses are suspicious, but likely not a trend.

8. Bloomington Bandits — The no frills south-siders can put up runs when they’re all present. 

9. St. Louis Park Pirates — Few scores posted, so going on reputation.  

10. Air Freight Unlimited — If Laubscher has the pill, look out. Balanced offensive onslaught, too. 

On the Verge:  St. Paul Hops, Baseball 365, Minneapolis Angels, Minneapolis MudCats, Tri-City Shark (if the NWL folds), NW Orioles, Hopkins

Matt Paulsen — MacStrength Grizzlies

1. Minnetonka Millers (15-1-1) — Ties are so weird in baseball. Tonka has one. They also have 15 wins.

2. St. Louis Park Pirates (17-2) — 17 wins seems like a lot.

3. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (13-6) — Pub just plays hard. Good dudes who win baseball games.

4. Metro Knights (9-4) — This team has really become a darn good team over the last few years. They seem to be rolling again.

5. St. Anthony Hogs (6-2) — From here on out I had a tough time finding accurate records, I think. This one seems incomplete but good.

6. Minneapolis Cobras (7-4) — I guarantee these guys have more games than this. They are probably like 22-4.

7. Air Freight Unlimited (3-0) — They are only listed as 3-0 but they have scored 42 runs in those three games. Sheesh

8. Minneapolis Angels (6-3) — Just beat Pub in a league game.

9. Stockmen’s Irish (8-5) — Good hitters, good fielders. They are just good.

10. St. Paul Capitals (4-2) — I can’t imagine a ranking without the Caps. Probably should be higher.

Class A rankings (As of June 18)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Minnetonka Millers (30)(1)

2. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (24) (4)

3. Minneapolis Cobras (23) (2)

4. St. Louis Park Pirates (17) (8)

4. Metro Knights (17) (NR)

6. St. Anthony Hogs (14) (5)

7. Stockmen’s Irish (13) (3)

8. St. Paul Capitals (12) (7)

9. Air Freight Unlimited (8) (10)

10. Minneapolis Angels (3) (NR)

10. Bloomington Bandits (3) (NR)

Also receiving votes: Minneapolis MudCats, Baseball 365, Tri-City Shark, Northwest Orioles, Hopkins Berries. 

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