Class A rankings: Cobras, Air Freight join Lyon’s Pub near top of the poll

By Nick Gerhardt

Minnetonka remained atop Class A in this week’s rankings but Lyon’s Pub got company at the No. 2 ranking with Air Freight Unlimited and the Minneapolis Cobras climbing the ranks.

Air Freight Unlimited held down the No. 9 spot in the previous poll but rocketed up to No. 2 this time. 

That slotted others down a spot or two this time while the St. Paul Capitals, Minneapolis Angels and Bloomington Bandits dropped out of the No. 10. Highland Park cracked the top 10 at No. 10, along with the Northwest Orioles. 

Paul Melchior — Park National League

1. Minnetonka Millers — It’s got to be cold and lonely up here at the top all the time.  

2. Minneapolis Cobras — Revolving lineup, but still 9-1 in the Park National.

3. Air Freight Unlimited — 6-1 in a tight St. Paul League.

4. Stockmen’s IrishBest hibernian-themed team in Class A, and maybe Minnesota

5. Metro Knights — Some enigmatic losses, but they lead the Skyline at 5-1.

6. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Four league losses, but watch out down the stretch.

7. St. Louis Park Pirates — Still finding barrels.

8. St. Anthony Hogs — Some recent setbacks, but these guys will pull it together.

9. Minneapolis MudCats — Deep, young pitching staff has them 7-2 in the PNASH. Can they sustain?

10. Highland Park — Grinding some key wins in St. Paul.

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Rick Tossey — St. Paul Capitals

1. St. Louis Park Pirates

2. Minnetonka Millers

3. Air Freight Unlimited

4. Lyons Pub Warriors

5. Metro Knights

6. Minneapolis Cobras

7. Stockmens Irish

8. St. Anthony Hogs

9. Minneapolis Angels

10. Highland Park

Jordan Wiggins — St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minnetonka Millers — I think they’ve suffered a few losses but until a few teams beat them with their full lineup and top arms on the field, they’ll be here for my rankings. 

2. Lyon’s Pub Warriors — Haven’t seen them this year but they play a lot and win a lot. Keeping them here for now but the PNash has some tough teams that could knock them down. 

3. Metro Knights — Frontrunner in the Skyline. Meehan always has a team full (and sometimes overflowing) of good players in the box and on the mound. 

4. Minneapolis Cobras — A couple of good wins and a couple of head-scratching losses. My assumption is their A-lineup will be on the field at the end of July and in August. That lineup can beat anyone. 

5. St. Louis Park Pirates — A team that can beat anyone and also seemingly lose to anyone. Foolish to have them outside the top-five but time will tell which team shows up in the postseason this year. 

6. Air Freight Unlimited — A team full of guys who went to the D-III college World Series championship can’t be a bad thing. Look out for the Freight Train. 

7. Stockmen’s Irish — Always in the mix and Teddy Klingsporn can beat anyone. Can they play as well as they do in Wisconsin in Minnesota? 

8. Minneapolis MudCats — Hard to beat these guys in league play it looks like and have a great win over Lyon’s Pub. Haven’t seen this team play but they’re playing a ton and winning a ton. Can they beat the top teams when it counts? 

9. Northwest Orioles — This was a good team when we played them in May. They also gave Tonka a run in late June league play. Not much info  but we better keep an eye out for them. 

10. St. Anthony Hogs — Pitching has been good. Bats have been inconsistent. A broken record of the Hogs history …

Class A rankings (As of July 11)(Pts)(Previous)

1. Minnetonka Millers (29)(1)

2. Minneapolis Cobras (21)(3)

2. Air Freight Unlimited (21)(9)

2. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (21)(2)

5. St. Louis Park Pirates (20)(4)

6. Stockmen’s Irish (15)(7)

7. Metro Knights (12)(4)

8. St. Anthony Hogs (7)(6)

9. Minneapolis MudCats (5)(NR)

10. Highland Park Beavers (2)(NR)

10. Northwest Orioles (2)(NR)

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