Class A preseason rankings: Air Freight takes flight

By Nick Gerhardt

ScoreMonster Contributor

As we await a full start to baseball season, our experts have scanned the field to pick their top 10 teams to start the season. 

Defending champion Air Freight Unlimited claimed the No. 1 spot while the rest of the top 10 saw some surprises, like Minnetonka claiming the No. 2 ranking, though Highland Park finished as runner-up. The Beavers still made the top 10, just at the No. 4 spot while perennial power St. Paul Capitals claimed the No. 3 ranking. 

Our experts liked other traditional powers like St. Louis Park at the No. 5 spot, Lyon’s Pub Warriors at No. 6 and Minneapolis Cobras at No. 7. Then we had a three-way tie for No. 8 with Baseball 365, St. Anthony and Stockmen’s Irish. 

Rick Tossey – St. Paul Capitals

1. Air Freight Unlimited

2. Highland Park Beavers

3. St Paul Capitals

4. Baseball 365

5. Minnetonka Millers

6. Minneapolis Cobras

7. St. Anthony Hogs

8. Stockmen’s Irish

9. St Louis Park Pirates

10. Lyon’s Pub Warriors

Just missed – Metro Knights, Minneapolis MudCats, Take the Field, Minneapolis Angels

Nate Behlen – Baseball 3651. Air Freight Unlimited – As Yogi might say, “They are reigning Champs until they are not.” With the St. Thomas connection and seemingly a lot of depth, they should be good again.  
2. Minnetonka Millers-The Yankees of Townball. 
3. St. Paul Capitals – Always a perennial State title contender, and the word on the street is they added some of the KFD players. 
4. Highland Park Beavers -They probably deserve to be higher, but I don’t know a lot about them.  We’ve never played them, and the two times I’ve watched them were from Palm Porch after we had lost … so … yeeeahhh …
5. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – They’re winners. They know how to play the game.
6. Minneapolis MudCats – Maturity and experience is catching up to their athleticism. Along with Pub and 365 they shared the Park National title in 2021. 
7. St. Louis Park Pirates – The Red Sox of Townball. (*21st century version)
8. Minneapolis Cobras – The Cobras ALWAYS play with a chip on their shoulder and this year they may have their largest chip yet. They could very well blow through everybody. 
9. St. Anthony Hogs – Perennial and Reigning Skyline champs. 

10. Minneapolis Angels – Always have great pitching and Morsching is back after his sojourn to the Far East. They always have the veteran presence with just the right amount of youth. 

Just Missed:  Metro Knights-Looked impressive last year. Stockmen’s Irish-Did they really lose the players we’re hearing about? Mudhens -The most interesting winter player(s) rumor to make it across the river.   

Jordan Wiggins – St. Anthony Hogs

1. Minnetonka Millers – An aging group that always wins a ton of games. I assume most, if not all, guys will be back and they always add a few nice pieces to the mix. 

2. Air Freight Unlimited – 2021 Champs and should be strong in the St. Paul League again. Having a core of St. Thomas kids is a good recipe. 

3. St. Paul Capitals – Sounds like they may have been the beneficiary of talent from teams who have folded. Building off a nice run in the 2021 tournament. 

4. St. Louis Park Pirates – If they have their guys back for the 2022 season, they’ll win upwards of 40 games again probably. 

5. Highland Park Beavers – Really tough squad with young talent. A surprising second place finish in the 2021 tournament should spark a good 2022 season. 

6. Lyon’s Pub Warriors – A perennial top team in Class A and one of the most consistent teams in the State. The kings of pitching and defense – will their bats come alive? 

7. Stockmen’s Irish – Todd Klingsporn always has a tough team on the field and plenty of good arms to carry them. 

8. Metro Knights – Tons of good college baseball players on this team. If they can avoid the epidemic of Northwoods purging and too many weekend cabin trips, wouldn’t be surprised if they climb these rankings. 

9. Minneapolis Cobras – Back for their revenge tour? Guess we will see. 

10. St. Anthony Hogs 

Class A preseason rankings1. Air Freight Unlimited (29)
2. Minnetonka Millers (25)
3. St. Paul Capitals (24)
4. Highland Park Beavers (22)
5. St. Louis Park Pirates (13)
6. Lyon’s Pub Warriors (12)
7. Minneapolis Cobras (10)
8. Baseball 365 (7)
8. St. Anthony Hogs (7)
8. Stockmen’s Irish (7)

Also receiving votes: Minneapolis MudCats, Minneapolis Angels, Metro Knights, St. Paul Mudhens, Take the Field

Photo courtesy of Mike Mingo/Twin Cities Sports Photography

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