Briefly expanding on the annual Board meeting

Posted on Nov. 3, 2014 by CJ Siewert

I’m sure many of you have at least skimmed through the minutes of the 91st annual meeting of the MBA, which took place Oct. 18 in St. Cloud.

The minutes are great to see what topics were discussed, but as is the case with any organization’s meeting minutes, some of the finer talking points may not be fully described. I can’t go into full-blown detail – simply because I wasn’t at the meeting – but I can bullet point and expand on a few topics that were discussed at the meeting thanks to my correspondent from that day, Tim Siewert. (Thanks, brother.)

• Before the region and section commissioners held their meeting, the highly debatable topic of the state tournament format was brought up; in this case it was concerning the Class B format. Blaine manager Jamie Heipel made the argument that the Class B state tourney should return to a double elimination format and Super Sections should be brought back as a qualifier for state. Heipel mentioned that the Super Sections could limit long travel times that Class B teams often encounter.

• No decisions were made about changing the Class B tournament format, but that certainly doesn’t mean changes will not be considered before next season. We’ll know more at the Nov. 22 meeting.

• When the section commissioners met, it appeared that the eight commissioners were split between the 16-team state format and the Super Section format.

• When considering any changes to the Class C state tournament, it appears nothing dramatic will happen. All but one of the region commissioners in attendance said they would like to see the 48-team format continue. One idea that was presented, though, was to rotate which regions get to send two or three or four teams to state.

• Another idea concerning the Class C bracket was to not release the region pairings on the state bracket until teams are seeded in their regions. Board members mentioned this could avoid the problem of teams “tanking” in order to secure a specific matchup with another region. 

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