Attendance Matters

Posted on Nov 02, 2011

Attendance figures for the 2011 State Tournament in Glencoe, Brownton and Hutchinson were announced at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Baseball Association in October.  In Glencoe there were 4249 adults and 421 students for a total of 4,670.  In Brownton there were 3530 adults and 245 students for a total of 3,775.  Hutchinson had 837 adults and 45 students attend the six games that were played in the satellite site.  Total attendance came out at 9,327. 

The theme of the night among the MBA Directors seemed to be that “attendance matters.”   In accordance with that, Director Fred Roufs brought up a proposal to increase attendance at the C tournament by increasing the number of teams to 48.  The tournament has had 32 teams for over 40 years.  This would be a single elimination tournament, however, the extra 16 teams that would qualify for the tournament would be based on region attendance.  In the past each region sent two teams to the tournament. 

The six top regions in attendance would each send two extra teams to the tournament (24).  The next four regions in attendance would each send one extra team to the tournament (12).  The remaining six regions would send only the two teams that they have sent in the past (12). To see where all of the regions fit into this format consult the minutes from the October meeting of the MBA. 

Details still have to be worked out for the single elimination part of the tournament.  It could be possible to have the 16 region champions get a first round bye or the tournament might be a straight 48 team single elimination tourney.  That will be worked out before the January meeting. 

The Board will consider this proposal at their next meeting which is November 19, 2011 at the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud.  The meeting starts at 11:00 A.M. 

The Board is looking for questions or comments to this proposal.  If you want to contribute your opinion, contact any Board member or send it to and it will be posted on the site. 

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