April 16 MBA Board Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order by President Richter at 10:00 AM

There were 24 dedicated baseball people in attendance

Roll call showed that all members were present with the exception of Fred Roufs

Motion Brennan, seconded Nagel, carried 8-0 to approve the minutes of the previous meeting

Dale Grochow/Brett Johnson – Dassel, John Arlt – Hutchinson and Mike Thompson – Litchfield gave an update to the Board on field improvements and establishing committees for the 2016 tournament.  The overall feelings are that everything is on schedule and everyone is looking forward to a great tournament

Motion Kreger, seconded Forsman, carried 8-0 to approve Patrick Riewer, Bertha to play with Menominie, WI and Bertha for the 2016 season.  Also to allow Austin Smith to play with the Pierre Rattlers in South Dakota and Raymond for the 2016 season

It is duly noted that Donald Strand, Lamberton, will play for a South Dakota team while continuing to play with Lamberton for the 2016 season

Elk River Wood Ducks will have a 10 game “league” schedule for establishing playoff eligibility

Lakewood teams presented games scheduled with Central Ridge League for playoff eligibility

Motion Nagel, seconded Lemke, carried 8-0 for the following teams to play non MBA teams:

Brownton to play St. Croix Falls on 4/3

Pine Island to play River Falls, WI on 5/15, Plum City, WI on 5/21 and Spring Valley, WI – 5/29

Dumont to play Fargo Mets

Mora to play Duluth Dukes

St. Paul Mudhens to play Osceola, WI 6/18, River Falls, WI 7/15, and Ellsworth, WI 7/22

St. Louis Park to play New Richmond, WI 5/1 Doubleheader

First Nite/Gopher League All Stars to play Sioux Falls, SD

Pipestone to play Sioux Falls Squirrels

Faribault to play River Falls, WI 6/10

Forest Lake and Metro Minny League to play St. Paul Saints on 5/14

Martin County Foxes to play Welcome Outlaws (over 35) 7/16

Cannon Falls to play Bay City, WI 6/29 and River Falls, WI 7/20 & 7/23

Motion Brennan, seconded Barry, carried 8-0 to grant the North Star League’s request to be a 15 mile radius league.

Motion Kreger, seconded Brennan, carried to approve the Northwest Border League request to have a 45 mile radius for their league

Motion Lemke, seconded Nagel, carried to approve Land O’Ducks League request to have a 35 mile radius for their league

Motion Forsman, seconded Nagel to approve to following tournament sanctions:

Nimrod tournament 6/24-6/26 and to allow River Falls, WI to play

Lake Henry and St. Martin “Stearns County Classic” 6/3-6/5

New Prague Orioles tournament 6/10-6/12

Shakopee/Jordan “Coors Light Classic” 7/8-7/10

Atwater tournament 6/17-6/18

Rosen Express tournament 6/24-6/26

Cannon Falls Tournament 6/16-6/19 to include Burnsville Bulldogs and Prescott, WI

Farming BaseballTournament 6/24-6/26

Rum River Baseball Club Tournament 6/24-6/26

Motion Forsman, seconded Barry, carried 8-0 to not allow Cameron Erickson to play with Blaine due to living inside the 494/694 Loop

Heritage Rule players:

Motion Forsman, seconded Lemke, carried 8-0 to allow Scott Lieser to play with St. Michael

Motion Kreger, seconded Nagel, carried 8-0 to allow James Van Buskirk to play for Henderson

Motion Barry, seconded Lemke, carried 8-0 to allow Philip Madsen to play for Ruthton

Motion Nagel, seconded Kreger, carried 8-0 to allow Derek Rasmussen to play for Midway

Motion Forsman, seconded Brennan, carried 8-0 to allow Doug Mead to play for Pipestone

Motion Nagel, seconded Lemke, carried 8-0 to allow Ryan Rassatt to play for Mound

The Norman Polk League was discussed with Ada and the Moorhead Miners having only two teams in their league for 2016, Ada and Moorhead Miners.  Only one team will go to Region for post season play.

The Town Ball Classic will take place on July 23rd at Target Field.  Games will be as follows:  Class C will feature Hanska vs. Green Isle, Class B will have Cold Spring vs. Austin and Class A will have Minnetonka vs St. Paul Shamrocks

Motion Kreger, seconded Nagel, carried, 8-0 to accepts Score Monster and Steve Loos as the Webmaster and publicist for the MBA Website

The Region/Section Commissioner meeting had 13 Region Commissioners representing Class C and 4 Section Commissioners representing Class C.  Regions and Sections were discussed and approved via Motion Plein, seconded Zahrbock, carried to accept Regions and Sections as submitted.

Materials were distributed to all Commissioners and some discussion was held regarding the slide rule and administrative details for the 2016 season.

Jim Anderson, Max Bats presented the Similarities/Differences between Corked Wooden Bats and Composite Bats from DeMarini and other composite bat companies.  It was noted that there are significant differences between wood bats and composite bats.  The Board will be looking at these bats again at future meetings.

OLD BUSINESS – The bid process which will take place at our June MBA meeting at the Eastside VFW will consist of four proposals being considered for the bid letting for 2019 and 2020.  It is duly noted that Chaska/Waconia and Bird Island/Granite Falls have decided not to submit bids at this time.  Thus, New Ulm (single site), Delano/Maple Lake, Faribault/Owatonna and Brownton/Glencoe will be bidding.

With no further business, motion Lemke, seconded Nagel, carried to adjourn at 12:55 PM

Next MBA meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th at the Eastside VFW in St. Cloud at  11:00 AM

Respectfully submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary

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