6/6/2020 MBA update on 2020 baseball season

The MBA board met via conference call Friday night to discuss the governor’s press release on 6/4. He did not address amateur baseball at all, while youth sports were considered high risk and left closed until a later date. Our board has decided we need better clarification of where the MBA stands for our 2020 season. We will work with legislators and the task force until midweek and if we get the OK to open our season, we will start playing immediately. If not, we have been working on plans with local municipalities and county public health departments to open parks individually. While this is not optimal and may not work for everyone, it may help speed up the opening of the whole state. Our MBA attorney has been very helpful guiding us through this process. Please refer to the MBA website for all updates. New information will be posted on a timely basis. 


MBA Board of Directors


The MBA will allow teams to travel out of state to play games starting immediately. Teams must email news@mnbaseball.org the team and location of the game before scheduling the game. 


Tune into Fox 9 tonight at 9:45 p.m. for an update on the 2020 MBA season.

Minnesota Baseball Association making pitch to play town ball in 2020https://t.co/HwLO4XHhaE— FOX 9 (@FOX9) May 18, 2020

*5/14/2020 Update

Following Gov. Walz’s Executive Order issued on May 13, the 2020 MBA season remains closed until further notice. Any announcement about the season will be emailed to managers and league secretaries and will be announced through social media.

The MBA is allowing teams to practice as long as the city OKs field use and teams practice social distancing, limit groups to 10 people and use common sense.

*5/11/2020 Update

Below is a letter the MBA Board of Directors drafted so that it can be sent to Gov. Walz and any or all representatives you choose to. Please share with your team and any supporters of amateur baseball, as well as on social media. Do not edit the letter, just sign and print your name before sending. 

Honorable Governor Walz and State Legislators,

Minnesota Amateur Baseball’s board of directors has sent you two letters outlining our recommendations to open baseball in the great state of Minnesota and keep all the players and fans safe.

This letter is from the heart of amateur baseball, its players,managers and league officers.

For those of us that play, baseball is more than a hobby, it is a way of life.

Many of us have played for decades with our fathers, brothers and sons.

We don’t get paid and play for the love of the game. We understand that precautions need to be taken to assure everyone’s safety and if they are done we feel baseball is a logical “next step” of opening up our state.

Eagerly awaiting your reply.

Play Ball!!!!

*5/2/2020 MBA Board update regarding the 2020 season

Currently, the state of amateur baseball is closed. There are no games, scrimmages, interactions between teams, until further notice. We are not going to play any games until the governor opens up baseball. Contact a state board member before you interact in something that could jeopardize our season. We all want to play as soon as possible.

The MBA is allowing teams to practice as long as the city OKs field use and teams practice social distancing, limit groups to 10 people and use common sense.

Once the governor says go, our games can start the next day.

If there are special rules that we have to follow, we will get them to you before the season and posted on the website.

The board is optimistic that we will play baseball.

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