Class B Meeting Recommendations

Class B team representatives met at Minnetonka High School on February 19, 2010.  The meeting was in response to changes that have recently happened in B.  The State Board had directed the B representatives at the January meeting to keep meeting and “see what proposals would be the most urgent at this time.” 

The group came up with three goals:

1)      Continue to stay part of the MBA, Inc. and work with them to improve Class B Baseball. 

2)      Continue to keep the integrity of Class B Baseball at both the State and Section level. 

3)      Continue to pursue ideas that will enhance the quality of the State Class B tournament. 

Fourteen teams were in attendance and after the meeting there were another eleven that sent in their vote via email siding with the majority vote on each.  There were nine B teams that did not respond.

On roster limit, draft rule and radius rule no change was recommended.  For the four game rule, it was recommended that a player could meet his four game rule by playing against any Class B team. 

On a 20-5 vote, the B teams wish to have a new rule that states:  Each team will be able to have two (2) non-radius players included as part of their 25 man roster.  Also to go along with this the B group recommended that the 494/694 restrictions will no longer be in effect.  This boundary will now be open to both A and B teams going both directions. 

The group voted to leave the Sections as they are and that each Section would have their own tournament as in the past.  After the Section tournament, each Section would send two teams to a Super Section Tournament.  These tournaments would be held in four areas of the State. The North Section would be hosted by Cold Spring or Hutchinson, South by Austin or Dundas, East by Miesville or Red Wing, and West by Chaska or Shakopee. 

Each Super Section Tournament would have four teams and play a double elimination format.  The Champion and runner-up from each Super Section would go to the State Tournament.  This would make an eight team, double elimination State Tournament.

The Class B representatives voted to make the State Tournament a two weekend tournament.  The tournament would be the first two weekends of the State Tournament.  This year that would be August 19, 20, 21 and 26, 27 and 28.  Labor Day weekend would involve the Class C teams only.  This was a 22-3 vote in favor of a two week tournament by the B teams. 

It was agreed that Dan Plein (Red Wing) would present these recommendations to the Board of Directors at their meeting in St. Cloud on March 12, 2010.  The meeting will be at the Holiday Inn and is scheduled to start at 1:00 P.M.

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