Meeting called to order by President Richter at 1:00 PM

Roll call showed all Directors present.

Motion Brennan, seconded Lemke, carried to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

There were 48 dedicated baseball people in attendance.

Motion Forsman, second Barry, carried to approve the MSHSBCA ad for $150.

Motion Roufs, second Kreger, carried to approve the DaVinci Software invoice of $4,000 for payment of webmaster, etc. services through April, 2017.

Motion Nagel, second Barry, carried to allow the following players to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Florida in October/November.  Those players include Ray Austin, Matt Cano, Brian Graupman, Tony Wischnack, Greg Bemboom, Isacc Wales, Andy Thayer, TJ Aalid, Todd Klaers, John Frein, Chris Baso, Scott Lochner, Jim Althoff, Joe Kounkel, Todd Robinson, Randy Moselle and Jack Peterson.  Also Herb Koch, Tim Martin, Kyle Messner, Dave Hinkemeyer, Mike Marquardt and Tom Lacina

Motion Nagel, second Barry, carried to allow the following players to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Myers 10/24 – 11/1; Scott Marquardt, Mike Jeseritz, Herman Solomon, Bill Aho, Mike Adelman, Mike Adreas, Nate Winter, David Johan, AJ Hadley, Curt Schake, Reece Hemmesch and Kevin Wenner.

Motion Nagel, second Barry, carried to allow Blaise Jacobson, Pat Boggess and Andy Wolf, Jackson Bulls, to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Ft. Myers, FL from October 23-31.

It is duly noted that the Litchfield Baseball Association will change their league affiliation to the North Star League for the 2017 season

Mike Nagel and Mark Forsman reviewed the status of the establishing B/C criteria.  It was noted that there were currently three components: Population for city and/or school district, as well as, in the 30 mile radius, roster/players with college/pro playing time, and success of team in the last 5 and/or 10 years in the MBA state tournament.  It was also discussed to review a player’s age and at what point is there a cutoff.  There still remains some work and development, as well as, teams inputting their information for the Board to establish meaningful criteria.  We hope to have something possibly in place by either the November or January meeting.

Harry Wilage, Marshall A’s was present and requested the Board consider reclassifying Marshall to Class C for the 2017 season.  He indicated that their Association wished to change direction and utilize only Marshall High School players to build their team in the future and not utilize any Southwest Minnesota State players.  The Board indicated that they would be reviewing a number of these type requests and would respond by either the November or January meetings to finalize the B/C criteria.

Mike Barry, Dennis Brennan, and Mike Nagel audited the MBA financials and approved the Financial Report for 2016.  It was deemed to be complete and accurate.

The Board then discussed the composite bat vs. wood bat issue that was ruled on back in May.  The Board will allow composite bats that are approved by Major League Baseball for use in the Minor League.  This currently includes the Baum Bat and the DeMarini D Class, but does not include the DeMarini “Sugar Daddy”.  The Board, however, will allow the Sugar Daddy bat to be used for the 2017 season, but, not thereafter unless it is approved by MLB.

The Region/Section Commissioners met at 3 pm and discussed items of interest and concern.  Their recommendations included the following:  It was noted that there was a real need for the MBA to encourage more umpires to apply for the state tournament, as well as, encourage more people to consider umpiring.  Class “B” Section formats were discussed as well with a need to address particularly those Sections that have only three teams.

There was no Old Business.

New Business was identified by Fred Roufs as he received a request from Dallas Jelmberg, East Bethel for the Board to consider allowing them to play as an independent team with no eligibility for post season play.

The meeting was recessed for dinner.

Meeting was called back to order by President Richter at 5:12 pm

Roll call showed all directors present.

In attendance
Section Commissioners: #1 Dan Plein, #2 Adam Gallatin, #3 John Breimhorst, #6 Kelly McMonagle, #7 Dave Hinkemeyer, and #8 Greg DeVoss
Region Commissioners:  #3 Jerry Walerius, #4 Brian Swanson, #7 Gerald Roepke, #8 Paul Froncak, #11 Leo Wirth, #12 Brian Larson and #15 Randy Schoenberg.

Leagues:  Arrowhead West, Cannon Valley Classic American, Central Ridge, Corn Belt, County Line, Countryside, Crow River North, West and Central, DRS, Eastern Minny West, Land O’Ducks Teal, North Star Central, River Valley West, East and Central, Stearns County North and South, Victory East-North-South-West and the Riverview.

Guests: 6

(Credentials)  Brennan, Lemke
(Nominating) Barry, Nagel

Board members reported details on assigned committees and responsibilities.

Secretary Hartmann reviewed the details of the 2016 Financial Report.  Motion by Dan Plein, second Wayne Erickson, carried to accept the financial report.

Paul Froncak gave a summary of the Region Commissioners meeting and their thoughts regarding the recruitment of more umpires.  Kelly McMonigle representing Class B recommended that the Board address those Class B Sections that have only three teams.

Nominating Committee:  Reported the following nominees for election to the board of directors:  Mark Forsman, Dave Hartmann, and Joe Kreger.  Chairman Richter called for nominations from the floor. After the required number of times and no further nominations, motion Brian Swanson, second Randy Schoenberg, carried, to close nominations.  As the three incumbents were unopposed, motion Herb Koch, second Wayne Erickson, carried to file a white ballot and re-elect Forsman, Hartmann and Kreger.  They will serve three-year terms on the Minnesota Baseball Board.

The floor was then open for discussion.  Things discussed:  Class B & C Criteria and utilizing Wood bats vs. Composite bats.

President Richter introduced the winner of the 2016 Mike Downs Award – Chuck Warner, Brownton.

Mike Sticha indicated that the Host sites for the next three years had entered into an agreement with Rawlings Sporting Goods Company to utilize the FSRMBA baseball for State Tournament play in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  This will be the same low seam baseball that was used the last three years with the same specification as the FSOLB baseball with the MBA stamp.

Being no further business, motion Herb Koch, second Leo Wirth, carried to adjourn at 6:55 pm

Meeting called to order by President Richter at 7:45 pm

Roll call showed all Directors present.

First order of business was election of officers. 

Motion Barry, second Nagel, carried to file a white ballot to elect John Richter as President, to elect Fred Roufs as Vice President and to elect Dave Hartmann as Secretary/Treasurer.

Motion Roufs, seconded Brennan, carried to approve rates for the Handbook Advertisements:  1/3 page $35.00, ½ page $50.00, full page and covers $75.00 and centerfold $400 each side.

Motion Forsman, seconded Barry, carried to set President’s salary at $1,000, Secretary/Treasurer at $3,500, office rent $3,000 and secure handbook ad’s at $1,000.

Annual meeting set for 2017 at the East Side VFW on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Motion Forsman, second Lemke, carried to set board expenses at $40/day per diem and mileage at .50/mile.

There being no further business, motion Lemke, second Nagel, carried to adjourn.  Adjournment at 8:02 pm

Submitted by Dave Hartmann, MBA Secretary/Treasurer 


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